30 Minute Blast

High intensity workout






More Effective

Get it done in half the time

Modern life is very busy A lot of us just don’t have time for a full hour. Designed as a high intensity workout with very little breaks, aiming to get as many calories burned in a shorter session.

This service can still be tailored to beginners.

A quick 30mins and it’s done!

Home and Park only

My Style

Small changes over a long period of time add up to a lot. This tactic allows for long term keepable health and lifestyle changes that cause the least amount of discomfort and stress. Give it 3 months and you’ve changed massively! Usually a stone! and it wasn’t nearly as hard as you thought it would be!


Over the years of being a personal trainer, I’ve developed a way of training that has lots of variety and as a consequence is fun and engaging. Lots of different exercises per session with different equipment every time. The plan will be tailored to your needs from exercise selection to the breaks required. When you’re up to speed my sessions can burn up to 500kcal in 1 hour! I stay up to date with fitness trends and training methods, which will save you the time of researching yourself.


Just to be clear, I don’t do diet plans. This doesn’t mean you’re on your own with nutrition. I can give you detailed nutrition advice, daily calorie targets, healthy eating habits and diet hacks. Personalised with the aim to get your desired goal.


I’m on the end of my phone (usually WhatsApp) if you ever need me for anything fitness related.

Optional weekly weigh-in to make sure you’re on track.

Personal Training

Single (1:1)

Due to the fact that everyone is different and has different needs, especially when it comes to training and diet, one to one training is the most effective way to achieve all goals.

Double (2:1)

If you need additional support and motivation to keep fit and have fun at the same time or want to achieve your goals as a couple – a great solution to start is a double session.

Home Service

If you don’t feel comfortable at the gym and you’ve had enough of excuses, start training at home. We have our own equipment to provide you with effective home training.

First PT Session

  • 30 minutes
  • One on One
  • Double

Monthly Payment

£ 15 / Session
  • 30 minutes
  • One to One
  • Home and Park Only
  • Quick workouts
  • Convenient
Full payment is required once per month.
The total amount depends on the number of sessions per month.

Monthly Payment

£ 20 / Session
  • 30 minutes
  • PT session for two people
  • Home and Park Only
  • Quick workouts
  • Social and more fun
Full payment is required once per month.
The total amount depends on the number of sessions per month.